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Frequently asked questions

How is LightBox different from other diets?

We balance our diets carefully by counting calories, but also taking into account as many as 80 macro- and micronutrients. This is why LightBox is the only diet catering in Poland holding a recommendation from the National Food and Nutrition Institute, the authority defining nutrition standards for Poland. Therefore, when you follow the LightBox diet you are sure you get everything needed to be healthy, full of energy and to have a great figure.

LightBox diets do a great job not only in weight loss, but also in preventing a number of civilisation and diet-related diseases. We use original and interesting dish recipes and do our best to offer tasty and varied meals. No matter if you want to lose weight or just eat healthily, you can follow the LightBox diet with pleasure and guilt-free for a long time.

There are a number of diet catering services. Why should I choose LightBox?

Since we established the company in 2010, diet catering has been our only field of activity in which we put all our heart and energy. We are probably the only company in the market to publish a real menu for 4 weeks to go. It means that LightBox diet plans are truly carefully balanced and our menu is not the result of a coincidence. Also, the Customer can check whether they like the specific menu for the whole period for which they order their plan. Our ambition is to ensure the highest quality possible. Therefore we balance our diets with utmost care, make sure the meals are tasty and varied and we strictly adhere to food safety standards. Those efforts earned LightBox a recommendation from the National Food and Nutrition Institute, which we proudly hold as the only diet catering firm in Poland.

What energy allowance will be right for me?

Choosing the right diet depends on the goal you have set for yourself: losing some extra kilos in a healthy and effective way or just eating healthy while keeping your current weight. Your energy allowance also depends on your gender, weight, height and physical activity. Check here what your daily energy requirement is, decide what you want to accomplish and order the adequate LightBox diet.

How much weight will I lose with LightBox and how fast?

The LightBox diet is composed so that it enables you to lose weight in the optimal way by reducing your fatty tissue. The effect and pace of losing weight depend on the starting weight, chosen diet’s energy value and your physical activity. In order to reduce your body mass by 1 kg you need a calorie deficit of about 7000 kcal – preferably within a period no shorter than a week to avoid a drastic weight loss.

My weight suits me, but I want to eat healthily. Is LightBox for me?

Yes, definitely. The LightBox diet is based on the principles of healthy eating – this is why LightBox is the only diet catering company in Poland to hold a recommendation from the National Food and Nutrition Institute. Following the LightBox diet with a calorie allowance adequate to your energy needs lets you keep the ideal weight and provides everything you need to be healthy, full of energy and have a great figure.

What guarantee do I have that the LightBox Lactose Free diet contains no lactose?

To prepare meals in our LightBox Lactose Free diet, we use dairy products labelled as „lactose free”. We source them form reputable lactose-free food producers, including Mlekovita, Łowicz, Mlekpol, Temar, Arla Foods, Schar, Saluteo, Schnitzer, Bezgluten, EcoProduct and many others.

I have problems with my skin, hair and nails. Will following the LightBox diet help me?

Yes, if the problems have been caused by improper nutrition. The LightBox diet provides all the ingredients your body needs to function properly, including those responsible for the condition of your skin, hair and nails – zinc, group B vitamins, carotene and iron. If the cause is different, LightBox will perfectly supplement any treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Can following the LightBox diet help improve my concentration?

It is a very individual matter, but according to the opinions of LightBox Customers, their well-being, energy levels and psychophysiological condition, including the ability to concentrate, improved significantly when they followed our diet.

Is the LightBox diet suitable for children?

LightBox diets are designed with adult people in mind and children’s nutritional needs are different so we cannot recommend LightBox to children.

I am diabetic, can I be on the LightBox diet?

LightBox meals are actually recommended for people suffering from type 2 diabetes due to:

·        high contents of dietary fiber and unsaturated fatty acids and including protein products with low fat content,

·        the possibility to choose a weight reduction diet, which is particularly important if obesity is the cause of the illness,

·        variety of meals,

·        the right proportion of energy from proteins, fats and carbohydrates, including simple sugars,

·        the inclusion of products with a low glycaemic index.

We cannot, however, recommend the LightBox diet in the case of type 1 diabetes or pregnancy diabetes due to the presence (although in small amounts) of products rich in simple sugars, including fresh and dried fruit, honey, chocolate etc.

I am pregnant, can I benefit from LightBox diets now and during breastfeeding?

The LightBox diet is beneficial for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers as it provides all the required nutrients vital during those periods, in line with the norms of the Polish Food and Nutrition Institute. Preparing meals of similar nutritional quality on one’s own is quite a challenge.

We recommend free consultations from our English-speaking dietitian to help you select the right calorie allowance – just call us at +48 513 513 661.

A potential obstacle to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers benefiting from the LightBox diet is the high content of fibre from raw vegetables, unprocessed foods and legumes, as well as the presence of citrus fruit and nuts, which are not recommended in allergies. If until now the new mum’s diet contained little fibre and legumes, their introduction in considerable quantities could result in unwelcome reactions from the digestive tract of both the mother (bloating, gas) and the baby (colic). Having said that, we have many pregnant and breastfeeding mothers happy to be on our diet plans.

Please note that ingredients used to prepare LightBox meals include sprouts, which we have in cottage cheese on spinach twice every 5 weeks - they are not recommended to pregnant women, nor is the regional oscypek cheese served in a FLEX supper, which is made from unpasteurised milk. The hot smoked salmon we serve is entirely safe for pregnant women, while our blue cheeses (camembert and Roquefort) are made from pasteurized milk. Our menu excludes anything made from raw meat and offal.

What will I gain by following the LightBox diet?

Following the LightBox diet you:

  • eat healthily and benefit from all the good effects of that,
  • can lose extra kilos and get back in shape,
  • save time you used to spend on shopping and preparing meals,
  • neither waste food you bought in a shop nor the food you cooked.

How, on what days and at what time are the deliveries?

Your diet boxes are delivered by courier 6 days a week (on Saturdays for 2 weekend days) in the morning. When placing your order, please define the time by which diet has to be delivered. In most cases, we are able to meet your preferences. Our courier can then either ring the doorbell and hand you the box, leave it on the doorstep, or leave it at the reception of your building or office – all to be agreed.

Is it possible to buy a LightBox set of meals for one day?

We accept online orders for any period between 1 and 30 days. Also, the Customers who haven’t used LightBox before can order a daily trial set at a special price shown in the Price list tab – just call us at 513 513 661.

Do I have to prepare myself to start the LightBox diet?

If you want to lose weight, you have to make a firm resolution that you will stick to common sense healthy eating principles while following the LightBox diet. It is essential to avoid snacks, small bites and any other „interludes”, as they could diminish or eliminate the positive effects of the diet. So the best thing to do is to remove all temptations from your sight. Nothing else is needed, except maybe some space in your fridge for LightBox meals. :)

What will I receive in the LightBox diet plan?

The LightBox All Day plan consists of five meals (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and evening meal) while LightBox After Ten and LightBox Office – of four meals (without breakfast or evening meal – respectively – you need to prepare those on your own using tips offered in the MENU tab).

In what type of packaging are LightBox meals delivered and is it safe?

Our containers are certified for food storage in a full pH range and are microwave safe. You just need to perforate or remove the foil cover. We do not use any chemicals or gases during the manufacturing and packing process. Our containers effectively protect food from the impact of external factors and are very convenient to use.

Should LightBox meals be eaten cold or hot?

Meals that are definitely recommended to be eaten hot, including all the lunches, have a notice on the label “Podgrzać przed spożyciem”. With some meals it is a matter of preference: you can eat a vegetable quiche or omelette cold or hot – as you prefer. In such case, you will see “Można podgrzać przed spożyciem” on the label.

How to heat LightBox meals?

Our quality, certified food-safe containers can be used to heat the meal in a microwave oven (first you need to perforate or remove the foil). You can also put the content into a pan and heat it on a gas cooker, induction or ceramic cooktop.

  • LightBox meals should not be cooked – just make them warm.
  • Some meals are composed of one part to be heated and one that should remain cold (such as salad or tzatziki sauce) – please pay attention before you start heating the meal.
  • Our plastic containers are not suitable to heat meals in an electric or gas oven or on a gas cooker.

Do I have to eat everything that is inside the LightBox meal set?

Each LightBox daily set of meals provides a certain amount of not just calories, but also balanced nutrients. So you should eat all the meals to let your body get everything it needs.

What to do if I feel hungry while being on the LightBox diet?

If you selected your energy allowance with weight loss in mind, you may feel slightly hungry during the first week of your diet. Drinking small quantities of unsweetened beverages will help you overcome the feeling. Stay away from snacks, though! :)

I am on the LightBox diet and I’m going to a restaurant with my friends. What can I have there?

Generally we recommend that you eat meals from our diet plans, but family and friends are also important. :) Nothing very bad happens if once in a while you go to a restaurant, have a low-calorie meal and give your LightBox lunch or evening meal to a family member or a colleague.

If I don’t eat a meal on a given day, can I eat in on the following day?

We recommend eating meals on the day for which they have been scheduled, keeping intervals of about three hours. This is why we balance our diets so carefully – to ensure that every day you receive everything you need to be healthy.

What beverages can be used to supplement the diet? Can I treat myself to some wine or beer?

We suggest drinking all kinds of herbal teas and fruit infusions as well as mineral water. Alcohol is not recommended, nor are sweetened beverages. You can have your daily coffee (yes!:)), as long as it is not strong.

Is meat offered in LightBox diets on Fridays?

LightBox Optimum, Slim, Sport, No Fish and Lactose Free diets usually include meat four times a week, which is based on the principles of a balanced healthy diet. This means that 3 times a week we do not serve meat. One of these days is Friday because this is what most Customers prefer.

Can I change my delivery hour or address?

We will be happy to deliver LightBox meal sets where our Customers need them (within our delivery range: check where we deliver for details). Please remember to let us know about your requested change at the latest by 1 pm on the day preceding the delivery or for FLEX diets by 3 pm two working days before delivery. Changes regarding Monday delivery are accepted by 1 pm on Saturday at the latest or for FLEX diets by 3 pm on Friday for deliveries on Monday and Tuesday. We will do our best!

Can I have a break in my diet plan, cancel my diet delivery, change my diet type or the energy value of my daily meal sets?

Yes, it is possible to introduce changes to your meal plan. If you have any requests regarding changes to your selected diet, please call +48 513 513 661, at the latest by 1 pm on the day preceding the delivery. Changes regarding Monday deliveries are accepted by 1 pm on Saturday at the latest.

If you have ordered the FLEX diet with choice of menu, we need more time – changes are possible by 1 pm two working days before the delivery date at the latest. You can change your delivery schedule yourself in the My LightBox panel/My FLEX diets. Any other changes? Call + 48 513 513 661.

Can I cancel my diet?

We will be very sorry to see you go but… yes, you can. Please let us know by 1 pm the day before delivery and if you have ordered the FLEX diet, by 3 pm two working days in advance. If you decide to cancel your diet we will refund the amount for unused meal sets.

Won’t the yo-yo effect occur when I stop using the LightBox diet?

Following the LightBox diet, you can avoid the yo-yo effect if you set yourself a target of gradual and mild weight reduction (approx. 1 kg per week) and – after you have left the weight reduction diet – the calorie value of all-day meal plans does not exceed your energy requirements.  

How to leave the LightBox diet safely to avoid putting on weight again?

Leaving a slimming diet in a safe way basically involves increasing the energy value of your meals only to the level of your body’s energy needs. Apart from that you should continue following healthy eating rules, having 5 meals a day in three-hour intervals, eliminating snacks between meals and avoiding sweetened beverages and alcohol.  

Can LightBox prepare a tailor-made diet plan for me, for instance according to my dietitian’s schedule?

We do not prepare diet plans according to individual specifications. We offer 10 types of diet: Optimum, Slim, Sport, Vege, Vege+Fish, No Fish, Lactose Free, Optimum FLEX, Slim FLEX and Sport FLEX. There are 8 calorie options to choose from: 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2500, 3000 and 4000 calories. You can choose the All Day programme – 5 meals a day, After Ten or Office – 4 meals a day (without breakfast or evening meal – respectively). You can also order for any selected days of the week, including or excluding weekends.

Can I eliminate products from the LightBox diet that I don’t like or cannot eat?

Our Vege diet eliminates meat and fish, the Vege+Fish diet excludes meat, the No Fish diet – just fish, while the Lactose Free diet has lactose free dairy products. We do not offer an option to individually eliminate specific products, for instance spinach or peppers. LightBox diets are balanced in line with the norms and recommendations of the National Food and Nutrition Institute and have the right proportion of nutrients, key to their health value. However, our FLEX diet with choice of menu offers you a selection of four dishes for every meal, which will allow you to avoid products you don’t like or have an intolerance towards.

Can I order a vegetarian diet that includes fish?

We do not offer a vegetarian diet with fish.

Can I buy a diet plan as a gift?

Yes, you can buy a LightBox diet plan for someone else. We also have special vouchers which are available on request. Please contact our Customer Service Office at +48 513 513 661 for details.

How does the FLEX diet with meal selection work?

It’s easy! Choose one of the diets which offer a choice of dishes: Slim FLEX, Optimum FLEX or Sport FLEX – do this by 3 pm two working days before the first delivery at the latest.

Have you ordered? Now in the My LightBox user panel click the active diet in the MY FLEX diet tab. Select one breakfast from among four options, one mid-morning snack from four options, one lunch from four lunch dishes on offer. Do the same for the mid-afternoon snack and for the evening meal. Make sure you do this by 3 pm two working days before delivery at the latest. And you’re ready! The FLEX diet menu is available a week in advance, so if your order is longer, you will be selecting more than once.

What are the deadlines for choosing FLEX dishes?

by 3 pm on Monday for Wednesday and the following days
by 3 pm on Tuesday for Thursday and the following days
by 3 pm on Wednesday for Friday and the following days
by 3 pm on Thursday for Saturday, Sunday and the following days
by 1 pm on Friday for Monday, Tuesday and the following days
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