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Do you want to lose a few kilos or just eat healthily? You can do it on your own preparing meals in line with nutrition rules or make use of LightBox. Before you decide how you want to achieve your goal, please answer 7 questions:

Do you have problems managing your time and activities so that you can regularly eat 5 meals a day in line with healthy diet principles?
Do you think that time spent on buying food products could be better used?
Do you think it is important that your diet consists of nutritious, healthy products?
Do you believe time could be spent more pleasantly than on preparing everyday meals?
Do you want to eat meals every day that contain proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the right proportions?
Would you like your everyday diet to have calorie value that is optimal for you?
Does it often happen that you do not use the purchased food before its use by date and so you throw it away?
All questions should be answered
Answering YES to most of the questions means that LightBox meals fit into your lifestyle and we recommend that you start enjoying them. Please go to the „Buy now" tab.
Answering NO to most of the questions means that your interest in benefits offered by LightBox meals is rather moderate. However, if your preferences change at any time, please go to the „Buy now" tab.
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