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Our Standards


It is LightBox’s ambition to ensure highest possible quality in everything we offer: carefully balanced diets, meals and their packaging, professional service and delivery.

In order to ensure top quality in all respects we set ourselves the following standards:

1.    Balancing LightBox diets carefully

  • We balance our diets based on the Food and Nutrition Institute’s current norms and recommendations, the EU program “Promoting heart health — a European consensus” and WHO recommendations.
  • The LightBox Optimum diet is modelled on the Mediterranean and DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diets, the latter with scientifically proven health properties, recommended to prevent a number of civilisation diseases.
  • We make sure that LightBox No Fish and LightBox Vege keep health properties and with the latter we recommend that vitamin D is supplemented  to prevent its deficit.
  • For diets with lowest calorie levels, we pay special attention to provide products with a high content of vitamins and mineral ingredients.

2.    Ensuring that dishes are tasty and varied

  • In each type of LightBox diet we have about 250 dishes (including seasonal specialties) in 36 plans that do not repeat for over 5 weeks. But that’s not all! In the FLEX diet which offers a choice of menu, you can choose from 20 meals daily and create your own menu. Many of those dishes are not available in any other LightBox diet – they are exclusive to the FLEX diet.
  • We use authentic and tasty recipes inspired mainly by Mediterranean cuisine, but we also offer Asian, Mexican, French and Polish specialties.
  • We use top-quality products and raw materials, sourced from proven suppliers.  

3.    Food safety

  • We prepare meals at our own Production Centre, where a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) system has been implemented.
  • We invest in high-quality kitchen equipment and modern technologies to chill the dishes right after preparation.
  • We run storage tests for our meals at an accredited laboratory and so we know their minimum use-by dates.
  • We use high-quality Belgian containers, safe for contact with food and suitable for direct heating.

4.    Quality of deliveries

  • LightBox diet plans are delivered to our Customers in stylish and functional boxes.  
  • Our own fleet of  refrigerated vehicles ensures proper delivery conditions.
  • We pay a lot of attention to the reliability and timeliness of deliveries.

5.    Advice and Customer service

  • A team of experienced LightBox dietitians offers their expertise and assistance to our Customers and, if a need arises, helps monitor the effects of a diet being followed.
  • We offer support from our friendly Customer Service Centre staff.


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