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Natalia Bobowik

Natalia Bobowik

LightBox dietitian

Graduate of Gdańsk Medical University. Dietetics is her calling and her passion. Working with people on changing their nutrition and eating habits is what makes her job worthwhile. She is always expanding her knowledge and expertise by attending seminars and webinars about psycho-nutrition and clinical nutrition. She is also passionate about educating others - she has held many workshops and given lectures on what constitutes a healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as for vegetarians and vegans.

About my job

I always aim to analyse a Client's lifestyle and assess the impact of various factors and habits upon his or her general wellbeing. I think it is crucial to choose the right type of diet and the optimal calorie value, so that it works for the Client and their lifestyle. I am also keenly aware that Clients' success is dependent on their motivation and good planning, so I always apply a supportive approach in my work. I try to be as helpful as I can, so that they achieve their nutrition and weight goals. I firmly believe that by taking small steps you can attain great results!

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