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Anna Sanicka

Anna Sanicka

LightBox dietitian

Graduate of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW, at the faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumption, specializing in Food Technology and Human Nutrition. Postgraduate at the Polish Food and Nutrition Institute (IŻŻ) in Diet Counselling – Advances in Human Nutrition. She also consults at the National Diet Centre of the IŻŻ.

Wide ranging experience in therapeutic nutrition of patients with digestive tract ailments (diseases of the pancreas, liver, IBS, inflammatory bowel syndromes, food intolerances), diet-related diseases (obesity, type 2 diabetes, lipid disorders, hypertension) as well as patients with eating disorders.

She was a dietitian in the Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology Ward at the Warsaw Bródnowski Hospital. She worked with doctors on the nutritional evaluation of admitted patients, prescribing optimal nutritional therapy, as well as counselling patients on the correct nutrition in light of their specific disorders. Anna Sanicka is a member of the Bioethical Committee of the IŻŻ.

About working at LightBox diet catering

– LightBox is the place where I get to do what I like best as a practicing dietitian, which means using my knowledge of human nutrition together with my clinical experience of working with patients. This is especially useful when considering the best LightBox diet for a given patient in view of any chronic diseases, their preferences and habits. I also enjoy the challenge of developing new diet catering meals and “taming” them – ensuring that the tasty new dishes created by our chef conform to dietary norms and requirements. :) The detailed calculations that go into balancing our daily meal sets are a source of satisfaction, because they guarantee that LightBox diets are an effective way to lose weight and maintain a healthy body mass.

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