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Optimum FLEX Menu

Tuesday, 28.01

A. Oat cakes with Greek yoghurt, romaine lettuce with pumpkin and sunflower seeds veggie
B. Egg and turkey ham in French pastry, fresh julienned vegetables, yoghurt and dill dip
C. Pancakes with maple syrup and fruit veggie
D. Smoked pork loin and mascarpone sandwich, vegetable salad with olive oil
Mid-morning snack
A. Rucola with pear in balsamico sauce with goat cheese and walnuts veggie
B. Green pea salad with vegetables and parboiled rice veggie
C. Caprese frittata with mozzarella and basil veggie
D. Cottage cheese with dried tomatoes and olives veggie
A. Beef stroganoff, steamed vegetables, buckwheat groats
B. Turkey a la bruschetta with grana padano and pine nut pesto, brown rice
C. Cottage cheese gnocchi with mango sauce veggie
D. Penne with spinach, toasted seeds and grana padano, lamb's foot lettuce with balsamico cream veggie
Mid-afternoon snack
A. Fruit tart veggie
B. Semolina cake with apricots, fruit veggie
C. Yoghurt with oat porridge and coconut, fruit veggie
D. Cocoa smoothie veggie
Evening meal
A. Tuna salad with sweetcorn and pineapple, mixed vegetables, bread
B. Turkey involtini stuffed with pistachio nuts, spinach and kohlrabi salad with fruit, bread
C. Mexican salad, vegetable salad with pumpkin seeds and thyme veggie
D. Potato latkes with icing sugar and natural yoghurt veggie

Wednesday, 29.01

A. Vegetable and mozzarella roll, homemade 1000 island dressing veggie
B. Cottage cheese on spinach with flax seeds and radish sprouts, poultry cold cuts, avocado spread, cocktail tomatoes, bread
C. Breakfast muffins with sun-dried tomatoes and chives, smoked salmon, dill and cottage cheese paste, bread fish
D. Pancakes with bacon, fried egg and tomatoes
Mid-morning snack
A. Fruit and vegetable salad with ham and sweetcorn
B. "Orange" soup from peppers with chickpeas and potatoes veggie
C. Wholegrain sandwich with soft cheese, egg and chive paste with tomatoes veggie
D. Sweet croissant veggie
A. Turkey with bamboo shoots, mung bean sprouts, sweetcorn and black olives, couscous with green peas and wild mushrooms
B. Parboiled rice risotto with vegetables and blue cheese, cocktail tomatoes, rucola
C. Prime beef cutlets in onion and dill sauce, two-tone carrot salad, Romaneso cauliflower, sorgo
D. Tagliatelle with pine nut and basil pesto, salad with fig balsamico cream veggie
Mid-afternoon snack
A. Yoghurt and pineapple smoothie veggie
B. Red bean gingerbread, fruit veggie
C. Vanilla pudding with orange veggie
D. Swedish almond and lemon cake, fruit veggie
Evening meal
A. Salmon rolls in spinach pastry, multi-vegetable salad with red beans veggie
B. Pappardelle with tomato sauce, champignons and parmesan cheese veggie
C. Gryros salad with turkey breast and oregano
D. Roast loin of beef in honey and herb sauce, mixed vegetables, bread

Thursday, 30.01

A. Cheese and almond omelette with nuts, Greek yogurt, fruit veggie
B. Cheese drop scones with almond flakes veggie
C. Yogurt with homemade granola
D. Camembert and roast tenderloin sandwich, vegetable salad with olive oil
Mid-morning snack
A. Greek salad veggie
B. Cream of broccoli soup with pumpkin seeds veggie
C. Grilled pineapple with joghurt sauce and almond flakes veggie
D. Roast vegetables with mozzarella veggie
A. Poultry rolls with spinach and dried tomatoes, steamed vegetables, buckwheat groats
B. Turkey breast in sweet and spicy sauce, twotone carrots with courgettes and peas, white and wild rice
C. Vegetarian ragout with lentils and almonds, brown rice veggie
D. Meat-filled potato dumplings, red cabbage salad
Mid-afternoon snack
A. Chia pudding with fruit gel veggie
B. Avocado smoothie veggie
C. Passion fruit yoghurt mousse
D. Coconut cake à la rafaello, fruit veggie
Evening meal
A. Salmon tartare, oak lettuce with rucola and millet fish
B. Courgette pancakes with Greek yogurt, fresh vegetable salad veggie
C. Creamy orzotto with roast chicken and pumpkin
D. Goat's cheese salad with olives, walnuts and croutons with yoghurt and dill dressing veggie

Friday, 31.01

A. Yogurt with "Sunny" muesli veggie
B. Egg salad with tahini, chicken rolls with nuts, bread
C. Chicken pâté with cranberries, fruit and vegetable chutney, fitness bread
D. Corn fritters with basil salsa, fruit veggie
Mid-morning snack
A. "LightBox" barley soup veggie
B. Caprese salad with basil veggie
C. Cottage cheese with honey and almonds veggie
D. Chickpea and mushroom hummus sandwich served on lettuce veggie
A. Hoki fish in tomato sauce with spinach and mozzarella stuffed peppers, white and wild rice fish
B. Chicken drumsticks with barbecue sauce, mashed potatoes and broccoli
C. Chopped beef patty with onion, mashed potatoes with butter, peas, carrot and horseraddish salad
D. Silesian dumplings with mushroom and mascarpone sauce, red cabbage salad veggie
Mid-afternoon snack
A. Yogurt-and-lemon dessert from the Arki Island, fruit
B. Carrot cake, fruit veggie
C. Satsumas with chocolate veggie
D. Semolina with milk and blueberry mousse veggie
Evening meal
A. Vegetable quiche with cheese, carrot spaghetti, bread veggie
B. Salmon Wellington with courgette salad with olives and walnuts fish
C. Crêpes with spinach and ricotta served on lamb's foot lettuce with tomato sauce veggie
D. Chicken, sweetcorn, pineapple and cucumber salad with sunflower seeds, peppers on lettuce, wholemeal rusks

Saturday, 01.02

A. Hummus with dried tomatoes and tahini, cottage cheese with radish, carrot and apple salad, bread veggie
B. Frittata with tomatoes, olives and parmesan cheese from the Lipsi Island, wholemeal rusks, fruit veggie
C. Indian cottage cheese, cranberry preserve, apple salad, bread veggie
D. Quesadillas with scrambled eggs and sun-dried tomatoes, yoghurt dressing, rucola and lamb's foot lettuce veggie
Mid-morning snack
A. Baked beet carpaccio with feta-style cheese veggie
B. Exotic soup with coconut milk veggie
C. Wholegrain Italian tomato paste sandwich with quail's eggs veggie
D. Roast turkey salad with couscous, vegetables and honey dressing
A. Chicken thighs with plums, steamed vegetables, millet groats
B. Tomatoes stuffed with lentils, carrots, courgettes and green peas, white and wild rice veggie
C. Chicken in almond butter, mixed lettuce leaves with vinaigrette and parsley, sweet potato purée
D. Honey and tomato marinaded spare ribs, sauerkraut salad with olive oil, mashed potatoes with butter
Mid-afternoon snack
A. Chocolate pudding with almonds, fruit veggie
B. Yogurt shake with papaya veggie
C. Velvet pistachio pudding
D. Courgette chocolate cake, fruit veggie
Evening meal
A. Greek tart with cold meat, olives, peppers and flax seeds
B. Sauerkraut dropscones with cream, crunchy vegetables veggie
C. Green vegetable pilau rice with chickpeas, rucola with pear balsamico cream veggie
D. Baked beans with baked frankfurters, bread

Sunday, 02.02

A. Yogurt with homemade granola
B. Smoked salmon with lemon and black olives, egg spread with dill, bread fish
C. Crêpe with soft cheese and Greek yoghurt, fresh fruit
D. Eggs baked in bread with mozzarella, tomatoes and chives veggie
Mid-morning snack
A. Tomato soup with rice and lentils veggie
B. Ravioli with mozzarella, basil, pesto and baby tomatoes veggie
C. Couscous, mango and feta salad veggie
D. Wholemeal sandwich with roast chicken paste and cucumber
A. Wholemeal farfalle with courgette and tomatoes
B. Cornflake battered hake, string beans, sauerkraut salad, mashed potatoes fish
C. Beef stew, beets with apples, white buckwheet groats
D. Pork in dill sauce with mashed potatoes and coleslaw
Mid-afternoon snack
A. Yoghurt cake topped with fresh passion fruit veggie
B. Chia cheesecake with peach veggie
C. Tapioka chocolate dessert with raspberry mousse veggie
D. Lemon ricotta muffins, fruit veggie
Evening meal
A. Fish in jelly, mixed vegetables, bread fish
B. Vegetable salad with barley, feta, olives and American dressing veggie
C. Penne with chicken in a creamy sauce, tomato salad with olive oil
D. Courgettes in pancake batter with sesame and parmezan, Greek yoghurt with herbs, Hungarian salad veggie

Monday, 03.02

A. Cottage cheese rolls with vegetables, sunflower seeds and walnuts, fruit veggie
B. Yogurt with "Polish Orchard" muesli
C. Smoked turkey breast sandwich with goat's cheese, vegetable salad with olive oil
D. Provençal cottage cheese paste, hummus with dried tomatoes, vegetable salad with olive oil, bread veggie
Mid-morning snack
A. Vitality salad with chickpeas and orzo di grana duro veggie
B. Cream of pumpkin soup veggie
C. Vegetable cake
D. French toast veggie
A. Halibut under a blanket of vegetables, baked potato
B. Greek turkey souvlaki with joghurt and broccoli sauce, steamed vegetables, green bulgur
C. Breaded chicken breast chop, red beets with apple, mashed potatoes with butter
D. Pasta casserole with champignons, green beans, peppers and herbs
Mid-afternoon snack
A. Melon shake with mint and ginger veggie
B. Panna cotta with fruit mousse
C. Yeast cake with blackcurrants veggie
D. Whipped cream with fruit and raisins veggie
Evening meal
A. Sweet potato pancakes with Greek yogurt, pepper and pickled cucumber salad with black beans and dill veggie
B. Spinach tart with sunflower seeds
C. Green cottage cheese spread, oak lettuce with rucola and millet veggie
D. Drop scones with apples and icing sugar veggie

As soon as you have placed your order, you can choose your FLEX menu for the nearest week:

by 1 pm on Monday for Wednesday and later days
by 1 pm on Tuesday for Thursday and later days
by 1 pm on Wednesday for Friday and later days
by 1 pm on Thursday for Saturday, Sunday and later days
by 1 pm on Friday for Monday, Tuesday and later days

Our FLEX menu is available a week in advance. If you order for more than a week, you will be choosing your dishes more than once during your order.

To choose your FLEX menu, log into My LightBox and click your active diet in the My FLEX diets tab.

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