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We care about your healthy eating habits AND about the environment!

We love our planet so we try to protect it. That is why we have replaced our cardboard boxes in which your meals were delivered until recently with sustainable LightBox bags.

Our sustainableLightBox bag

Made of
chlorine-free paper
and fully
Minimal carbon
100% recyclable
torba LightBox
You can use this eco-friendly sustainable bag to take your meals to work or anywhere else, use it to carry something or hold on to it, just in case – it folds up easily and takes up almost no space! And if you no longer have use for it, put it in the blue container with the paper, so it will be recycled. In this way you’ll give it another life!

100% recyclablecontainers

Our containers are certified for food storage and are microwave safe. Most importantly they are 100% recyclable!

The containers are made of white plastic, for which there is great demand on the market. This means they can be recycled and used again. In order for this to happen, put them in the yellow container for plastic and synthetic materials.

Czy LightBox planuje rezygnację z plastiku?

We are on the search for biodegradable containers which meet the following requirements: secure sealing and ease of opening, no leaks, no need for an extra layer of plastic foil, no discernible smell and all the required food safety certification. And it would be a bonus if the material they were made of didn’t need to be imported from another hemisphere.

So far we have not found packaging which fits all these criteria but we hope that it will change soon because the packaging sector is constantly developing and bringing more and more green solutions to the market.

Czy LightBox planuje rezygnację z plastiku?
Dbamy o środowisko


We stack the meal sets one on top of the other in our refrigerated vans so that the available space is fully used, which benefits the environment. Less trips means cleaner air!
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