Free online analysis

You are kindly asked to fill in the questionnaire below to let us conduct a free dietary analysis for you. It will take just a few minutes to answer the questions and you will know your energy requirement, have your current nutrition style defined and see if it needs to be modified. You will receive a diet plan recommendation tailored to your personal needs, which will let you reach an ideal body weight, improve your figure and simply eat healthily.

  • 1Parameters
  • 2Nutrition interview
  • 3BMI and type of figure
  • 4Nutrition style analysis
  • 5How can I lose weight or put on weight quickly

Age: Please enter values within the range of 16 - 99 years

Height: Please enter values within the range of 140 – 300 cm

Weight: Please enter values within the range of 40 - 300 kg

Target weight: Please enter values within the range of 40 - 300 kg

Waist size: Please enter a value within the  range of 40 - 300 cm.

Hip size: please enter a value within the range of 40 - 400 cm.


*Define your level of activity:
* All fields marked with an asterisk should be filled in
** Needed only to define your type of figure
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