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Safety is our priority

We follow stringent safety measures, so that you can be confident about the safety of our services. Some of these measures are standard practice at our company, while others have been introduced in response to the current situation.

  • Since March 2020 we have maintained breaks in between shifts at our production centre, so that our team has been working in smaller groups, which are not in contact with one another.
  • We have introduced daily health monitoring of staff at the start of every shift.
  • Kitchen staff work in protective gear – uniforms, caps, face masks, disposable gloves and special footwear.
  • All the employees have the required medical certificates and valid Sanepid (National Sanitary Authority) verification.
  • The kitchen and adjoining areas, where meals are hermetically packaged, are separated from the rest of the facility by secure pass-through chambers.
  • We have increased the frequency with which we disinfect rooms, equipment and utensils.
  • No third parties are allowed on the grounds of the facility.
  • And of course – our production centre has a HACCP system in place to ensure food health safety.
  • Your diets are delivered via our own courier network.
  • Our couriers do not enter the production facility and your diet deliveries are contactless.
  • We have equipped couriers with disposable gloves, face masks and disinfectant.
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  • Our Customer Service Office is working mainly from home (please be patient if you hear kids or a dog in the background).

Tasty, healthy, contactless!

We are aware that in the current situation our deliveries not only make eating a healthy, balanced diet possible but are also a way to stay safe and not venture out to buy food. We are doing everything we can, so that you may rely on us. :)

Kind regards,
LightBox Team

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