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diets with menu

Slimming diet with choice of dishes
1000 / 1200 / 1500 kcal
from 72 PLN per day
Healthy diet catering with choice of dishes
Optimum FLEX
2000 / 2500 kcal
from 81 PLN per day
Sport diet with choice of dishes
from 84 PLN per day
Extra meals
Extra meals
Add extra meals for your loved ones
to your FLEX order
and take a break from cooking!
from 11,20 PLN per meal

New ready-made diets

from LightBox!

Ketogenic diet
1500 / 2000 / 2500 kcal
from 83 PLN per day
Dieta Low IG
Low IG
1200 / 1500 / 2000 / 2500 kcal
from 76 PLN per day
Dieta ekonomiczna
from 50 PLN per day

How about

some more fixed-menu

catering diets

from LightBox?

Slimming diet
1000 / 1200 / 1500 kcal
from 62 PLN per day
Healthy diet catering
1800 / 2000 / 2500 kcal
from 72 PLN per day
Sport diet
2500 / 3000 / 4000 kcal
from 77 PLN per day
Diet plan without fish and seafood
No Fish
1000 / 1200 / 1500 / 2000 / 2500 kcal
from 63 PLN per day
Vegetarian diet plan
1000 / 1200 / 1500 / 2000 kcal
from 63 PLN per day
Vegetarian diet with fish
1000 / 1200 / 1500 / 2000 kcal
from 63 PLN per day
Lactose free diet catering
Lactose Free
1000 / 1200 / 1500 / 2000 / 2500 kcal
from 67 PLN per day

How does LightBox diet catering work?

healthy food
choose your diet
13 diets (including
3 with menu selection)
8 calorie levels
3 to 5 meals a day
diet food
Experienced dietitian, top quality ingredients, professional chef
convenient diet
Diet catering with free delivery to your home or office
effective diet
meet your goals
3 to 5 meals a day
containing the right number
of calories

Diet catering should be suited to your lifestyle and eating preferences. That’s why our offer is so diverse.

If you like experimenting with new flavours and appreciate variety while at the same time focusing on healthy eating, choose Optimum, our benchmark healthy diet. Its low calorie equivalent is the tasty Slim diet – a proven diet to help you lose weight. Active types will love our Sport diet, which will help you stay in shape and achieve all your sporting goals. We also offer Vege, a vegetarian diet, Vege+Fish, a veggie diet with fish, as well as No Fish – a diet without fish.

For people with special dietary needs we have the Lactose Free diet. We also offer Low IG, a low glycemic diet which will help you control your blood sugar levels, the DASH diet, which will help lower your blood pressure and support your heart and is inspired by the popular and tasty Mediterranean diet.

To those who favor the ketogenic diet we offer the LightBox Keto diet based on high amounts of healthy fats and moderate amounts of protein with low levels of carbohydrates.

If above all you like having choice, you can order the FLEX diet, which allows you to select one of four dishes for every meal. You can be on a healthy diet and still eat only the things you like – you choose the menu!

Select your diet and preferred calorie option and tell us when and where to deliver and for how long. It will be our pleasure to bring you fresh, healthy meal sets daily. Our healthy diet catering with free delivery to your home or office will help you save time. If your goal is to lose weight and maintain your ideal BMI, we will help you achieve it.

All the meals in your daily set will be carefully balanced for nutritional value and prepared from fresh ingredients. Without having to shop, cook and clean up, you’ll gain lots of time to pursue your passions. Healthy eating and losing weight have never been easier!

Any questions? Contact our dietitian

+48 513 513 661

No more doubts if your food is healthy or not

Pozbądź się wątpliwości, czy Twoje jedzenie jest zdrowe!
LightBox diets are developed by our dietitians and contain valuable nutrients.

No more doubts
if your food is healthy or not

LightBox diets are developed by our dietitians and contain valuable nutrients.
Dobra Marka 2019, Laur Klienta 2019, Konsumencki Lider Jakości 2019, Zdrowa Marka Roku 2019
Why choose LightBox?
We have the answer: there are lots of reasons!
See how LightBox will improve your wellbeing and quality of life.

Where we deliver

LightBox diet sets are delivered every weekday in the mornings and on Saturday mornings for the weekend. All-day meal sets are packaged in convenient, environmentally friendly paper bags while a fleet of refrigerated vehicles ensures safe delivery. We focus on punctuality and reliability, so that you can be certain you will receive your meals on time. We deliver to Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice, Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław and 3200 other locations.

Gdzie dowozimy

We deliver
to 3200 towns all over Poland!

Check if LightBox is delivered to where you live
Show list of major locations
  • Dolnośląskie
  • Jelenia Góra
  • Legnica
  • Wałbrzych
  • Wrocław
  • Kujawsko-pomorskie
  • Bydgoszcz
  • Toruń
  • Włocławek
  • Lubelskie
  • Biała Podlaska
  • Lublin
  • Łuków
  • Zamość
  • Lubuskie
  • Gorzów Wielkopolski
  • Zielona Góra
  • Łódzkie
  • Łódź
  • Pabianice
  • Piotrków Trybunalski
  • Małopolskie
  • Kraków
  • Nowy Sącz
  • Nowy Targ
  • Tarnów
  • Zakopane
  • Mazowieckie
  • Konstancin-Jeziorna
  • Legionowo
  • Łomianki
  • Mińsk Mazowiecki
  • Ostrołęka
  • Otwock
  • Piaseczno
  • Pruszków
  • Radom
  • Siedlce
  • Warszawa
  • Wołomin
  • Opolskie
  • Opole
  • Podkarpackie
  • Rzeszów
  • Podlaskie
  • Augustów
  • Białystok
  • Łomża
  • Suwałki
  • Pomorskie
  • Gdańsk
  • Gdynia
  • Hel
  • Jastarnia
  • Sopot
  • Wejherowo
  • Śląskie
  • Bielsko-Biała
  • Chorzów
  • Częstochowa
  • Dąbrowa Górnicza
  • Gliwice
  • Katowice
  • Rybnik
  • Sosnowiec
  • Świętokrzyskie
  • Kielce
  • Warmińsko-mazurskie
  • Elbląg
  • Ełk
  • Olsztyn
  • Wielkopolskie
  • Kalisz
  • Konin
  • Leszno
  • Poznań
  • Zachodniopomorskie
  • Koszalin
  • Słupsk
  • Szczecin

Why you should choose LightBox diet catering?

When you choose LightBox diet catering, you can be certain that your daily meals are tasty and nutritionally balanced while you save time on shopping and cooking. We ensure that your diet is healthy based on the following principles:


All the set-menu diets are nutritionally balanced to ensure not only the required calorie count but also all the necessary micro and macro nutrients your body needs. Our diets are consistent with the norms and recommendations of the Polish Food and Nutrition Institute and WHO (with the exception of the Keto diet, which is based on a different nutritional model).


We offer 3 FLEX diets, which allow you to choose from 20 dishes a day. You eat only what you like, control your calorie intake and – if you need to – lose weight without sacrifice!

Weight loss

Thanks to our tasty, varied and balanced meals you’ll lose weight without sacrifice or nutritional deficits. In our Slim and Slim FLEX diets we use low calorie ingredients, so that portions can be as generous as possible – you’ll be slimmer without being hungry. Meanwhile ingredients used in the Keto diet ensure you feel fuller for longer. This way you lose weight and don’t feel hungry all the time.


LightBox diet catering is inspired by international cuisines especially the Mediterranean diet which is considered to be the healthiest and tastiest in the world.

Fresh ingredients

All our meals are freshly prepared the day before, using high quality ingredients. We do not use preservatives or any other methods of artificially increasing shelf life.


All meals are cooked and packaged in our Production Centre where we have implemented the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) system. We use high quality containers, certified for food storage and heating in microwaves. The containers are also 100% recyclable.

Find out more about our standards

Our experts – tasty meals, effective diet

Our chef, Łukasz Konik, who is a professional cook and also appears on TV, is the man behind the taste of the meals served as part of our healthy diet. Find out more about our chef

Our team of dietitians, who have extensive experience in treating diet related diseases and eating disorders, is in charge of composing the menu and balancing meals. Their knowledge and expertise means your diet is safe and effective. Find out more about LightBox dietitians

If you have any questions regarding LightBox diet catering, healthy eating or choosing the best diet and calorie option, you can contact one of the LightBox dietitians. They will also support you in achieving your weight loss goals. Do you want to talk to us about your diet? Call us at +48 513 513 661 Find out more about our specialists.

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